Since my childhood, I have been admiring any electronic device, such as the television and the car of my family. Later I obtained my first personal computer, and I was curious about the way in which such a complex electronic system is designed and implemented. This drove me to study computer science aiming at demystifying all this unknown view about computers. Nonetheless, the admiration for the continuous evolution in computers still remains.

I have graduated as an electronic engineer from the ECE department at the Technical University of Crete (TUC) in Greece, since 2013. After the fulfilment of the military service, I joined the Advanced Processors Technologies (APT) research group at the University of Manchester as a PhD Candidate supervised by Prof. Mikel Lujan and Prof. John Goodacre. My work was funded by Arm and EPSRC as a PhD Scholarship. The PhD title is “Low Overhead & Energy Efficient Storage Path for Next Generation Computer Systems”.

I have been a postdoctoral research associate at the University of Manchester working in the EU Horizon 2020 E2Data project. Recently, I was awarded a grant by Innovate UK to undertake market exploration for TornadoVM within the ICURe Program. Currently, I have been appointed by the University of Manchester as Impact Champion to facilitate researchers of the university towards productizing their research assets. Additionally, I am involved in the EU Horizon 2020 ELEGANT project to make TornadoVM the norm for developing applications that can be transparently accelerated on both IoT and Cloud execution environments.